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School Discipline Procedures

Fighting; Possession or use of Fireworks; Possession of Pornographic Material; Violations of the Law; Dangerous Objects; Possession of Tobacco; Class Disruption; Insubordination; Throwing Objects; Forgery; Graffiti; Profanity; Inappropriate Touching; Excessive Teacher Referrals; Ditching, Intimidating or Threatening Other Students; Hazing; Damaging School Property; Theft; Sexual Harassment; Gang Related Activities.
1st Offense-Minimum  Detention. Maximum - Expulsion.
2nd Offense-Minimum - In-School Suspension, Maximum - Expulsion
3rd Offense- Suspension from school 3-5 days, Maximum- Expulsion
4th Offense- Suspension from school 5-10 days, Maximum - Expulsion
Subsequent violations could result in a recommendation for long-term suspension for one semester.
Class Three Violations include:
Class Disruptions; Truancy; or Rough Play; Tardy from Recess; Cheating/Copying; Theft (Petty).
1st Offense-Conference with administrator, note sent home and/detention.
2nd Offense-Conference with administrator, and parent assignment to detention.
3rd Offense-Conference with administrator, parent conference, In-School for1-3 days. (In instances of excessive absences, tardies, or truancy, students will be assigned to In-School suspension again and a referral will be made to the Attorney General’s Office.
4th Offense-Conference with administrator, parent conference, suspension from school 3-5 days. Subsequent violations could result in an additional suspension short term or long term.