Student Handbook » General School Rules

General School Rules

Bus Safety
Bus rules and procedures should be followed at all times.  Students are to follow the transportation guidelines as stated in this manual.  The bus driver is responsible for all students’ safety and has the authority to enforce bus rules and refer any misbehavior to the transportation director and to the school principal. Infractions may result in the student losing district transportation privileges. Parents please do not remove your child from the bus once they boarded.
Personal Property
Do not bring valuable personal property or large sums of money to school.  The school is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property.
Radios, Phones, and Toys
Radios, cell phones, all electronic devices, tape players, jewelry, or other toys should not be brought to school.  These items may be confiscated and returned to parents.
Rough Play
Dangerous play activities such as rock throwing, roughhousing, hitting, kicking, tackle football, dodge ball, choking, etc. are not allowed on the school grounds. 
Gum, Candy, Drinks
Students are not allowed to bring gum, candy or flavored drinks to school per adopted Arizona Wellness Policy.  We are helping to promote a healthy lifestyle.
School Parties
Classroom parties will be planned by school staff and require prior approval by the school principal.
Students birthdays may be celebrated the last school day of each month.